A bit of history: Eleanor Roosevelt - Altrusa member

Altrusa has a history of selective recruitment of women leaders (and now men as well) in a range of professions.  Over the years since our start in 1917, there have been many successful Altrusans who have contributed to their local communities as well as worldwide.

Our best-known Altrusa member was Eleanor Roosevelt. An active member of the Altrusa Club of New York City, her profession was originally classified under "Furniture," because she was an owner of a factory.  Mrs. Roosevelt maintained her active interest in Altrusa on up to becoming First Lady when Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected President of the United States. While FDR was Governor of New York, Eleanor helped organize the Altrusa Club of Albany by inviting prospects to dinner at the executive mansion to finalize plans with the national field representative; the documents were signed with the Governor’s pen in his private sitting room.

Source:  The Altrusa Tradition (revised 2005)

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