Membership guidelines

The following guidelines for membership in Altrusa are taken from our Bylaws and Club Policies, which are available to each member.
Membership shall be conferred only upon written invitation from the club.
Active membership in a Club shall be confined to recognized leaders in their businesses or professions who are of good character and who subscribe to the principles and purposes of Altrusa International, Inc. In addition to being recognized as outstanding in their businesses or professions, members must meet one of the following criteria:
* Must be or have been actively engaged in the practice of their profession as a degreed or registered/certified or licensed employee.
* Must be or have been in the operation of legitimate businesses as owners, partners, officers, managers, local agents or branch representatives or holders of important positions.
* Must be or have been a holder of important position with executive capacities and having discretionary power.
* Must be recognized for outstanding work within the community.
Guests should be invited to attend program meetings when possible. Since invitations to become members of Altrusa must be issued by the club, care should be taken not to verbally invite prospective members to join.
A sponsor has a continuing duty to assist those the sponsor recommends for membership. A new member is automatically on the same committees as the sponsor.  Committee chairs should make an effort to actively involve new members.
During the first year of membership, a member who wishes to bring a prospective member guest or sponsor a new member should enlist the help of a co-sponsor who has been a member for a term of longer than one year.
All members are expected to actively participate in club projects, community service activities and fundraising projects. A minimum of 25 hours are required each year.
Each member shall actively participate on at least one committee and shall assist with one service project and one fundraiser each year.
Questions about membership may be directed to the Membership Chair (1st Vice President) or to the President of Altrusa of Montrose.  Our club is always pleased to consider enthusiastic and qualified people as candidates for membership.  What are we "about"?  Quoting from our Bylaws:
The purposes of this club shall be:
(a) To cultivate friendly relationships, promote mutual understanding, and foster the solidarity of people who are actively engaged in business and the professions.
(b) To encourage high ethical standards of business and professional conduct.
(c) To give vocational information and to be of service to people already engaged in or entering business or professional fields.
(d) To encourage participation in community and public affairs on a nonpartisan basis.
(e) To do any and all things conducive to the service, betterment and ultimate welfare of people in business and the professions.
(f) To promote educational and cultural training and improvement.
(g) To be informed on International affairs and to promote mutual understanding between peoples of all nations.

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