President's Year End Remarks

On May 25, 2010, outgoing President Roberta Hoey addressed the Club prior to the installation of new officers for 2010/2011.  Here is her message.

“Altrusans—We make it happen”

I think we have followed through with this motto very well during the past twelve months.  Everyone is aware of the large number of awards that were brought home from District Ten Conference.  Other clubs, both in District Ten and on the international basis, look up to Montrose. Let’s keep up the good work

Since 1975, Altrusans have donated in excess of $529,000 to this area.  That is the financial value, not including the many hours of donated work that has been contributed.  This past year’s total was $55,246.69, with over 9,500 service hours.

I want to thank my dedicated Board of Directors for their help and guidance this past year.  Also, the many committee chairs and committee members.  Being an active club member means many hours of service.  Business and family schedules must be adapted for our volunteer service to the community. We should remember to express our gratitude to both of these for their contributions.  The Dusty Gavels [committee of past presidents] have always been available to answer my many questions also.  You members are what makes this organization so great.  Continue the good work.

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