Powerful Earth Day Celebration

In celebration of Earth Day, our Environmental Committee hosted a potluck luncheon. It was a “zero waste” event—utilizing reusable plates and silverware for the scrumptious food and glasses for the beverages. There was an amazing array of food that was shared by our Members. Environmental Committee Members modeled fashions that were “recycled” - purchased from local second hand stores or donated by friends.

There was a presentation by Lesley Hallenborg, the recycling/environmental education field trip coordinator for the 3rd Grade Classes in Montrose. Our Altrusa Club has provided funding to enable this program to continue in the schools.

A highlight of the luncheon was the reading of a poem written in about 1985 in a self-published book of poetry by a nearly-95-year-old Hazel P. Spaven. Hazel is the mother of Montrose Altrusan Ginny Spaven (see photo). It was a moving and powerful tribute to all that we need to do to save our planet—no matter your age!

Here is the poem for your contemplation for Earth Day!

by Hazel P. Spaven

We thought our air could clean itself

with normal wind and rain,
but smog pollutes our atmosphere,
a noxious yellow stain.

We thought earth could regenerate

our trash dumped on its floor,
but landfills choke on our excess
while we are making more.

We thought our oceans could absorb

the waste we chose to hide,
but seas regurgitate our filth
with the ebbing tide.

We thought that we could populate

the world as we saw fit,
but now we find our habitat
was never infinite.

We thought resources of our land

were ours to use or spend,
but stockpiles of a million years
are coming to an end.

We thought our Day of Reckoning

was very far away,
but it could be tomorrow
or was it yesterday?

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