Flowers by Altrusa

For the past 2 years, Altrusa members have planted bulbs and flowers in Montrose's Cerise Park. Last fall Altrusans planted daffodils, iris, and hyacinths, focusing on areas that would be receiving water naturally. Plants were placed near the river's edge, along the creek that runs through the park, and by the edge of the pond.

This spring, Club members returned to plant perennials, chosing plants that would work well in our climate, including Shasta daisies, California poppies, and calendulas. The Environmental Committee also purchased a bronze sign reading "Flowers by Altrusa" which was installed on a boulder in the park by the Montrose City Parks Manager. The boulder can be seen by walking along the main sidewalk from the Cerise Park parking lot and veering off the first dirt path you come upon.

Altrusans plan to plant additional bulbs this fall and add more perennials in the spring.

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