Kiva donation selections completed

The initial $175 donation by our International Relations Committee and individual members of Altrusa has now been loaned to recipients through the non-profit Kiva organization.  It is our hope that these loans to groups in developing countries will help improve the lives of people living in poverty by helping their businesses, which in turn serve their communities with health care, school supplies, and other services and goods.

Our initial loans have gone to groups in:

Peru - includes a bookstore selling school supplies
Paraguay - miscellaneous businesses, including food and clothing vendors
Pakistan - plumbing supplies (to deliver sanitary water) and other businesses
Uganda - drugs for a medical clinic 
Bolivia - natural medicines
Uganda - pharmacy

As these loans are repaid to us (without interest), we will have the option of loaning the funds again to other recipients in the developing world to empower them to lift themselves out of poverty.

Would you like to be part of this project?  You can join our Altrusa Loaning Team and select recipients for your own personal Kiva loans.

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