Lifeline - then and now

One of the largest line item expenditures for service from our organization, along with Scholarships, is Lifeline.  Lifeline units are placed in the homes of the elderly to provide access to emergency help if they are sick or hurt.  A special emergency button can be worn on the wrist or as a necklace, so that a person who is unable to get to a phone can still call for help.

This project began in March 1983, when Altrusa of Montrose held fundraisers and got financial support from other members of our community, including ASTRA, Jazzercise, Kappa Phi Sorority, San Juan Living Center, First United Methodist Church, Power Operations Center members, and United Bank who all helped raise over $12,500 needed just to purchase a base unit, plus additional funds for the individual home units, which cost $500 each.

By June 1985, we had purchased 15 units, and installed them in individuals' homes.  Altrusa currently serves 104 local residents with Lifeline units.

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Source:  25th Anniversary Altrusa International Inc. 1975-2000 Highlights in History

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