Murder Mystery Dinner coming to town!

Fundraising committee members Lorie Bollig and Marianne Cross announced an exciting new event to be held from 6:00 to 10:00 PM on February 28, 2009 at Turn of the Century: "Murder at the Deadwood Saloon" -- a murder mystery dinner.

How does it work?
  • Guests arrive at the party in character -- each guest receives a detailed character description in their invitation along with some background information on the party

  • Guests recieve a prepared envelope with information and objectives

  • Guests start mingling and verbally sleuthing as they enjoy the party

  • A MURDER OCCURS!!! (eek!)

  • An Investigator reads a short synopsis of how to proceed, Guests get more information and evidence and continue sleuthing

  • Guests guess the murderer

  • and finally -- the Murderer is revealed!
Tickets to this fun-filled evening, including Vittles (that's dinner, in case you aren't up on your Western slang), are available for $50 per person. This is for a good cause -- in fact, for many good causes -- since proceeds go to our own Altrusa Club of Montrose CO Foundation to help us with our many service projects, scholarships, and grants we award each year.

Click here for a poster describing what we realize will be the "crime scene."

Click here for an invitation to this unique fundraising event. Everyone in our community, as well as folks here for a visit are welcome to join us, but seats are limited, so be sure to call for your reservation.

Altrusans: Be sure to give an invitiation to all your friends. Let's make this a successful fundraising event by selling tickets to lots of fun-loving people we know who want to support our numerous projects.

For reservations, call Joey at 275-9968. Hurry! The sooner you reserve your place, the more choices you'll have for the part you'll play in the mystery. You can opt to be one of the bandits, bankers, saloon girls, gamblers, East coast debutantes, or simply one of the locals. We can even offer you some suggestions on your costume, including places to buy, rent, or borrow items to make your character really come to life.

The "Vittles" will be typical western fare of slow roasted beef brisket, salad, cowboy beans, and old fashioned fruit cobbler. Photos will be taken and Certificates of award issued for various categories.

See you there, Pardner!

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