And the winner is...ASTRA of Montrose!

Our local ASTRA Club has done it again! For the 4th time, the ASTRA members at Montrose High School are the First Place winners of the Altrusa International Service Award.

Here's an overview of the work involved in winning this world-wide award:

Our goal at the beginning of the year was to adopt at least three local projects and one international project. We far exceeded that goal by completing 8 local projects and five international projects. We also adopted a new project that will support student initiated service projects at Montrose High School. Each of our members devoted an average of 35 hours for a total of 700 documented service hours. Fund-raising hours added even more time. For already busy teens, this outstanding commitment helped our members realize the true meaning of sacrifice to benefit others.

Read about their award submission in this article published in June 2008.

ASTRA members were honored by members of Montrose Altrusa Club on October 29th at a dinner and award presentation. Congratulations to all involved for this outstanding achievement. Altrusa of Montrose is extremely proud to be the sponsor of the most outstanding ASTRA Club in the world!

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