Altrusa provides needed supplies to residents at Anciano Tower

Becky Wolford (L) and Elaine Moore pose with the cases
of supplies donated to the residents of Anciano Tower.
In our third year of support for the low-income residents of Anciano Tower, Altrusa International of Montrose changed the focus from the prior years. At the suggestion of the Member Services Director at the Tower, we agreed to provide much-needed supplies of laundry detergent, dish soap, and toilet paper for each of the residents.

Members donated $371 to add to the $250 line item in the 2014-2015 Service Budget. Project chair Elaine Moore coordinated the purchase and delivery of the items, The manager of the Household Products department, Roger Johnson, was extremely helpful in coordinating the special orders. Committee member Sandra L. Tyler asked 5 local dentists -- Dr. Bloss, Dr. Clader at Colorado Smiles, Dr. Drakulich, Dr. Stucky, and Drs. Spencer-Gross and Dodsworth at True Grin -- to each donate 10 toothbrushes, 10 toothpastes, and 10 dental floss (or mouth wash) to the project for the 49 residents. They were glad to participate in the project.

Altrusa of Montrose was pleased to support these truly forgotten members of our community.

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