Passage Charter School reports on Composting

Student Janie Palacios describes a graph of temperatures within the composting bin while teacher Katy Gibson holds it up for view. Students Dezarey Holtry and Maira Serrano also gave presentations.
Earlier this year, the Environmental Committee provided a large composting bin and helped create a garden in a newly-landscaped area on the grounds of Passage Charter School. Today, 3 students and their science teacher, Katy Gibson, visited our Altrusa meeting to tell us about what they've learned about the science of composting (complete with graphs!), and to thank Altrusa for our contributions to their school.

Developed by the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative, the school serves the needs of students who are pregnant or parenting teens with core academics, job preparation, and parenting skills. The school uses Personalized Learning Plans and flexible scheduling. A child care center is located on site.

The students reported that they created 14 bushels of compost before the weather turned cold. The compost bin was filled with lunch scraps (no animal products), hair clippings, newspapers, etc. They learned that it was important to shred newspapers and cut up foods such as apples before adding them to the bin. The students also learned about controlling the temperature of the bin to speed the composting process as well as to control odors.

They presented our club with a special Thank You card and report, decorated on its cover with genuine, fresh compost!