Altrusa raises funds for MHS Knowledge Bowl Team

Team Altrusa:  Martha Dusio, Linda Riba, Diane Winger, Jana Ackerman
Altrusans demonstrated their knowledge (and occasional lack thereof) and Altrusa donated $100 to help send the official Knowledge Bowl team from Montrose High School to participate in a state-wide competetion to be held in Durango. The Altrusa team finished in 3rd place at this fundraising competition, which involved answering questions in a broad range of topics including history, science, grammar, mathematics, literature, and a little trivia.  A great deal of laughter was heard coming from each of the competition rooms as 2 or 3 teams faced one another during 3 rounds of oral questions.

This is the 2nd year that Altrusa sent a team to participate in this fun event.

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