Pomona students send a really big "Thank You"

This large poster was sent to Altrusa and to our guest literacy speaker, Michael Shoulders, after he spoke at their school last week.


Michael said...

WOW...what a nice Valentine for me.
Thanks Altrusa of Montrose for putting together a wonderful visit to western Colorado. I had a nice time visiting your city and its students. Susan Woody should be a "Professional Author Visit Coordinator." I particularly enjoyed meeting all the Altrusians during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It should only take me another six months to lose the weight I gained :-) WAY-TO-GO Altrusa of Montrose!

Altrusa International, Inc. of Montrose Colorado said...

If only we could have photographed all the individual thank you notes (and artwork) from the Northside students as well! Thanks again for your wonderful presentations.

-- Diane (on behalf of our entire Altrusa club)

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