Altrusa Literacy & Litter League Book Giveaway & Recycling Event

Altrusa and ASTRA joined forces on October 24, 2009 for a special project on Make a Difference Day.

Kickoff:  Altrusa and ASTRA volunteers met at Anita Johansen’s home on Hwy 90 and did more than just collect trash for the landfill on stretches of Hwy 90, 6100 Road, Oak Grove Road, and Dave Wood Road. They sorted through roadside trash to collect recyclable plastic and glass containers and metal cans in orange bags and non-recyclable trash into grey bags. The following week, Waste Management picked up all the bags, taking the orange bags to their recycling center and the grey bags to the landfill.

The next step for this event:  On a date to be scheduled, all available ASTRA members, Altrusans, and representatives from the Montrose school district, Montrose Library, and MHS 350 club (who did their own cleanup of Cerise Park on Make a Difference Day/Int'l Day of Climate Action) will be presented with sets of 3 books about global warming, carbon footprint, and green living from the Literacy and Environmental committees.  The books will go to all District middle school and high school libraries and to the Montrose Regional Library. At least one WM representative will also join this presentation for a newspaper photo and article.

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