The Power of One - The “Family Tree” of Alice Vest

In 1981, Martha Dusio and Jeanne Hausman sponsored accountant Alice Vest as a member of the Altrusa Club of Montrose. Alice demonstrated her belief in the goals and principles of Altrusa and began sponsoring new members. Over the last 28 years, Alice has sponsored or co-sponsored:

Marge Keehfuss, Roena Frank, Donna Herman, Diane Douglass, Becky Wolford, Elaine Moore, and Jan Musson.

All of these members are currently active.

Alice also sponsored many who are no longer members. They are:

Kathy Glasman, Jan Freeland, Brenda Piatek, Debbie Ensley, Judy Smith, and Merlinda Barrientos.

That is a total of 13 names which are directly related to Alice’s vision of Altrusa.

When the family tree is carried further, the numbers continue to grow:
  • Donna Herman sponsored Karon Jacobs.
  • Diane Douglass sponsored Michelle Gottlieb.
  • Elaine Moore sponsored Lynda Wareham who sponsored Casey Wareham.
  • Kathy Glasman sponsored Sheree Wanner and Lorie Bollig.
  • Lorie Bollig sponsored Carolee Hawkins and Erica Jiron.
  • Becky Wolford sponsored Joey Montoya Boese.
  • Becky also sponsored Diane Winger who sponsored Sheryl Solow and Lesley Archibald.
  • Merlinda Barrientos sponsored Bonnie Eakin.
  • Bonnie then sponsored Cindy Rowan, Dorinda Elder and Linda Riba.

The Power of One is thus demonstrated. Alice is responsible for 23 of our current members. Using an average of 80 members over the last year, that represents over 29% of our membership.

And Alice was able to identify future leadership of our club. Among the 23 members, there are five past presidents, 10 who have served in officer positions, and one future District Governor, along with a past District Treasurer.

Think of the fundraisers which have been planned and executed by these 23 members. The amount of money raised, all of which is used to address needs in our community, is huge! The thousands and thousands of community service hours performed by these members have had an incalculable impact on our community.

Always remember the “Power of One.” Be another Alice Vest, an Altrusan who seeks only to share the principles of Altrusa: Patriotism, Efficiency and Service.

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