Altrusans Donate School Supplies

Backpacks, rulers, crayons, pencils, pens, spiral notebooks, 3-ring binders, highlighters, mechanical pencils, glue, flash cards, scissors, erasers, markers, index cards, paper, calculators, pencil boxes...

Children starting school this week need lots of school supplies, but unfortunately, some families struggle to afford what is needed. Members of our Altrusa Club pitched in to help by personally donating over $300; another $250 was added by our Member Issues Committee to help us purchase supplies plus enable students to receive a total of $175 in "scholarships" to cover fees for extra-curricular activities at their schools.

Elaine Moore, Rita Maser, and Donna Herman were our designated shoppers for the table-loads of school supplies purchased for donation to Montrose Schools. Office Depot generously offered to let Altrusa obtain 45 student backpacks at cost, which helped us stretch our donations even further.

The Montrose Daily Press wrote about back-to-school expenses on the front page of the Sunday, August 18, 2008 edition.

Jeanne Kuchynka, Donna Herman, Rita Maser, and Elaine Moore enjoy the sight of all the school supplies being donated to area children.

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