ASTRA kicks off "Flamingos for Friends & Foes"

Yes, it's getting to be that time of year again when our thoughts turn to spring (if only the snow would melt!) and spring colors begin to show. Here in Montrose, the earliest signs of spring are PINK! As in PINK Flamingos. That's right -- it's time to start thinking of friends and foes who deserve to have their lawns flocked with our pink-feathered (well, plastic actually) friends, and all for a good cause.*

Flamingo Flockings may be scheduled starting in late February, and the birds will be hanging around our lovely valley for about 2 months. However, ASTRA is offering special Valentine's Flockings (Flamingos + Chocolate!) to Altrusans only on a very limited basis. Call Carol Parker or Judy Snedeker for details.

We learned that Flamingos (and ASTRA members holding flamingos) can make quite a bit of noise. Here's what flamingos really sound like (scroll down the page to listen to their call). The girls telling about the Flockings did a fine imitation of flamingos during their presentation.

The ASTRA club will also be doing a special flocking for a local child with leukemia to kick off their official fundraising event.

* All funds raised by Flamingos for Friends & Foes will be used for ASTRA local and international service projects. ASTRA is the Youth Service Club of Altrusa International of Montrose, and is a Montrose High School club.