"Tender Touch Turbans" and "Lifeline" Committees offer Show-and-Tell

Two of our long-term Service committees gave presentations at today's meeting to help all Montrose Altrusans understand more about their projects and the people served in our community.

Joyce Loss began sewing turbans for cancer patients (to keep their heads warm after losing hair) on her own, but soon found the demand was beyond what just one person could handle. The "Tender Touches" committee was created to continue making turbans and warm caps (often requested by male patients).

Joyce (assisted by her daughter, Linda) showed off a number of the stylish creations made by committee members. She estimates that Altrusa provides between 30 and 50 turbans each year to people in the Montrose area.

Alice Vest talked about the Lifeline units that Altrusa has purchased and installed in over 100 homes locally. There is a base unit which plugs into a phone jack, and a portable unit that is usually worn around the neck. These devices give people peace of mind, knowing that if they fall or have an emergency, they can call for help with a simple push of a button.

Lifeline committee members install and test each unit at a person's home. This year, Altrusa is replacing 18 obsolete units (which cost up to $750 apiece) with the help of grants from the City of Montrose and Altrusa International, as well as from funds within the local Altrusa budget.

Altrusa members applauded the work of these service committees, and appreciated the "show and tell" format of today's meeting.